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hoveround collapsible grabber. call the number on your screen. >>> toyota is recalling its lexus, the suv that failed safety tests performed by "consumer reports" magazine. >> the automaker says it will fix stability control systems for the lexus gx-460 and similar models sold worldwide. the magazine told consumers not to buy that car after tests showed the suv was at risk of rollover accidents. the automaker says the gx-460 needs new stability control software. >> been a tough few months for toyota and as expected the company has agreed to pay a record $16 million fine to federal regulators while trying to repair its reputation. >> as diana alvear reports the fine is a big setback for the automaker. >> reporter: toyota's safety crisis has already cost the carmaker millions in lost revenue. now it will pay millions more in a civil fine levied by the national highway traffic safety administration. toyota has agreed to pay $16.4 million, the maximum penalty allowed under u.s. law. on its website the company said, we have acknowledged that we could have done a better job of sharing relevant
this 5-year-old. >>> still ahead, toyota paying a record fine for not alerting u.s. officials about a dangerous pedal defect. the automaker said it did not break the law. could the judge in the casey anthony trial be taken off the case? we'll tell you what's going on with that big story. man: be kind to your eyes with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. woman: discover the protection, comfort and convenience of transitions lenses for the entire family at or visit a walmart vision center today. and wear hats. i was always the hat guy. i can't even tell you how much it's changed my life. [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys. no more hats. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining. no more hats. if you could see how nature made fish oil protects your heart, you'd be glad you take it. its omega 3's strengthen your cell walls so they stay
of cars, toyota is now madly searching for answers to its latest safety problem, this with that suv. take a look at this video from consumer reports. the company is trying to figure out why it rolled over in a test, and consumer reports put out that really unusual alert about the don't buy rating for this thing. let's talk about what it means to toyota's bottom line as well. jon: a bank robber who thought he'd get away with the perfect crime until he met up with the guy behind him. a hero who foiled the bank robbery, we'll talk to him next. jane: in the heart of ak pull countero in -- acapulco, six people were killed, five hit with stray bullets, about a dozen cars shot up, the victims, none appeared to be tourists, most were innocent bystanders on the street. investigators in mexico aren't sure what led to the shooting but acapulco has seen its share of drug violence. jon: he is a pulitzer prize winning war photographer who has just updated his resume, now he is also a crime fighter, the gentleman from the beard there was standing in mine -- in line, minding his own business at a wells f
and 95 at whitemarsh. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time, you'll save more in the long run. >> all right, let's go to the ronster at the kennedy krieger institute. >> that's right, we're lye at the greenspring avenue. they're busy here getting ready for the roar for autism. it's a great event. wjz is a great sponsor. >> good morning. good morning. there you're on the committee. >> yes, for five years now and the event has gone on for six years. >> what's going to happen sunday. >> we have a bike ride and festival and fundraiser for autism research. and there's a number of different opportunities for people to participate. it's a 50-mile bike ride and 10 and 5-mile ride. additional, a family festival and a ton of activities for kids and families and it will be a great turnout. >> here's pam. well, you left out the walk. >> we have three separate guided walks that take off and also, all of the kid's activities were design bid kids. >> it will be a great event. last year how much did we raise? >>> about $300,000 over the six years, over a million d
about when you're going to need your umbrella next. >>> toyota agrees to pay a multi-million fine but is not accepting responsibility fo of vehicles. we'll be back. [ sneezes ] ♪ music plays ♪ [ sneezing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what are you gonna miss when you have an allergy attack? benadryl® is more effective than claritin® at relieving your worst symptoms -- runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes -- and works when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life. >>> pay 9 fine without the guilt. that's essentially the deal that toyota and the government made. the automaker will pay a record $16 million related to the sticky pedal problems but some say that will do little to repair the image of a now troubled brand or to restore any good will among consumers. the government says toyota knew about sticky gas problems and that violates a law which requires an automaker to aalert nitza of a safety defect within five days. transportation secretary ray la hood said that put consumers at risk. the penalty is the most the government could seek but doesn't address a wigger
they don't think any of the kids ingested the drugs. >>> and more trouble for toyota. the automaker is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans made between 1998 and 2010, this year. toyota says too much exposure to road salt may cause the cable holding the spare tire to fall, putting nearby vehicles in danger. toyota says it's working on the problem and advises owners to bring their siennas into dealers for an inspection. >>> well, they think they have found the piece of a meteor in wisconsin. scientists -- you see some video here -- but there was a fireball in the sky last week. now university of wisconsin add madison scientists say they believe they have found a fragment from a meteor. now, it lit up the sky earlier this week. i believe it was on wednesday. now a man has found a peanut-sized rock that he says hit the roof of his home. here's a look at some of the video once before. now, this is a big deal to amateur astronomers and scientists, a rare event to get ahold of possibly a piece of a meteor. you have people out there who market and collect these things, who sell and trade thes
to fly over the volcano to get a better look at what's going on. >>> we have another toyota recall to tell you about. the car maker says it is recalling about 600,000 sienna minivans. cables could snap while driving. the spare could fall into the road and become a hazard for other drivers. but only affects siennas in cold-weather states. >>> haiti's top prosecutor denies the country dropped charges against american missionaries accused of kidnapping 33 children after january's earthquake. yesterday, a spokesman told cnn the kidnapping charges against nine missionaries were dropped. but haiti's attorney general said that is incorrect. adding that a judge will decide whether a case goes to trial or not. a senior state department official also told cnn the charges were dropped. the missionary group's leader is still behind bars. >>> convicted sex offender john gardner pleaded guilty to killing a 17-year-old and a 14-year-old. in june, he is expected to get two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. his plea spares him from a possible death sentence. the families
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, they'll try the backup landing site in southern california. >> toyota plans to issue a brand-new recall on the heels of paying a big fine for its previous recalls. toyota is expected to recall its 2010 lexus gx-460 suv. it becomes almost a week after consumer reports gave them a don't-buy rate citing a high rollover risk. toyota has suspended sales of the gx-460. today, toyota agreed to pay a record $16.4 million fine for failing to report the fas pedal problems that led to the recall of more than 2 million vehicles earlier this year. >>> a new survey done finds just 22% of those questioned say they can trust washington almost always or most of the time. 43% say the government has a negative impact on their lives. just 19% are content with the government, with about 8 in 10 says they don't trust the federal government and have little faith that it can solve america's problems. >>> coming up to nigh, protestors can guns at a rally in virginia. >> there are more amazing stories of survival after a deadly earthquake in china. >> a crash killed two local teenagers. we'll find out how it mig
at a time. >>> we have news of an important recall. toyota is recalling the 2010 lexus gx 460 suv to address problems with the stability control system. this affects 9400 vehicles since the mall opened on sale in december. it halted sales of the vehicle last week after consumer reports listed adult by warning because of a high rollover risk. >> the supreme court is considering a case that could have an impact on how you use your work issue cellphone or blackberry. justices heard arguments yesterday in a case brought by police officers in ontario, california. they accused the department of snooping after an audit of messages on department issued devices uncovered sexually explicit text messages. the high court will rule on it later this year. >>> coming up, the fight over financial reform. president obama watched wall street to shake up while its biggest player prepares for battle with regulators. >> the capitals rallied on a road, taking the lead in the series. we will have highlights. >> another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> another check on traffic and weather every 10
. >> the military says a u.s. soldier was killed during the assault when a helicopter ended up crashing. >>> toyota agrees to pay a record fine, but its problems are not over. why the fallout from its sticking accelerator recall is only the beginning. >>> real estate developer donald trump is known for saying exactly what he thinks. so what does he think about the real estate market and the economy in general? poppy harlow said down to kind of pick his brain. i think we sometimes forget that he did make some money in real estate because we just think of him as a personality now. >> a lot of it. not just the one saying "you're fired" on the apprentice. we talked. it was a long talk about the economy, jobs, housing and the recovery. he spoke in depth that the fear of the fall of commercial real estate, office buildings, et cetera, could be worse than the decline of the housing market. he address that had and more. take a quick look. >> in terms of commercial real estate in general, the fear is that it will be worse than the housing fallout. do you think that's possible? >> i don't think
or so, officials from toyota have now reported that they are taking one of their very popular models off the market after an extremely rare warning from "consumer reports" magazine. it says do not buy the lexus gx 460. toyota owns the upscale lexus brand. "consumer reports" says the suv has a problem with its stabilization system. in short, it could just roll over. drivers for the magazine reported a fishtail effect that could cause the vehicle to upend itself. toyota now reports it will at least for now stop selling the gx 460. we're told the company will conduct its own tests on the suv and then decide what to do next. toyota is already suffering a bruised reputation after it recalled millions upon millions of vehicles because of the problems with their accelerators. now to the adoption outrage and word that the woman who sent back her adopted son with a note attached did it even while she was trying to get another child for adoption. the report comes from abc news information from sources at the sheriff's department. remember the woman in shelbyville, tennessee adopted this kid from r
insisting the vehicle is safe. we'll tell you what else toyota is saying that moment. >>> two of al qaeda's leaders taken out during a u.s. raid north of baghdad. we'll tell you what the sign of strength might mean for u.s. troops in the region. >>> the a.m. fix blog is up and running. the conversation is ongoing right now. we would like to hear from you about anything in the news. go to we'll be reading your comments throughout the morning. >>> first though, the volcano eruption is getting stronger this morning sending a new plume of ash 15,000 feet into the sky. fr forecasters say it's spreading over the u.k. and could complicate flights this morning, especially in london. europe's air traffic agency says less than a third of flights scheduled to take off yesterday actually got off the ground. millions are still stranded on both sides of the atlantic and thousands living out of carry on bags at airports all over the board sharing soap and living off of in-flight snacks. the state department says 40,000 americans are stuck in great britain alone. rob marciano has the
things and they all work. >> toyota buckles up and bears down in the face of another public relations headache. we'll tell you why a consumers group is urging people to not buy this luxury suv model. >>> toyota takes another hit. consumer reports is issuing a stern warning to car buyers not to buy the lexus gx 460. stephanie elam in new york to explain why. it's one problem after another for toyota. >> seriously, kyra. as far as "consumer reports" is concerned this particular issue is a serious one. the magazine put a don't buy warning on the lexus gx 460 suv and it hasn't used that warning in nine years. the problem is safety. "consumer reports" found the suv has a high risk of roll overs. the electronic stability control failed to keep the vehicle in line during tests. as for tote a it's going to try to duplicate the tests, but in the meantime the automaker says the 2010 gx 460 meets or exceeds all federal requirements. >> toyota is already dealing with a pr nightmare because of january's recall, i mean, 8 million vehicle. what does the latest wrinkle mean for the company? >> well,
and the government's response. a truck bomb killed 168 people on this date in 1995. >>> toyota agreed today to pay a record $16 million fine to the transportation department. the government said toyota hid problems with sticky accelerators for months. toyota said it will pay the fine to get the matter behind it. but the company denies it broke any law. >>> republicans aren't beating around the bush anymore. they say flat out they will filibuster new rules for the nation's financial system. gop senators contend the legislation would lead to more bank bailouts and they back a crackdown on derivatives. that's news. derivatives, the speculatives investments at the heart of the meltdown. >> as a general rule, i think we ought to improve the current system which everyone seems to feel is falling short. exactly how that will be done we'll leave to the experts on the banking committee who can hopefully work that part of it out on a bipartisan basis. >> the white house announced president obama will travel to new york on thursday to press for wall street reforms. >>> we'll bring you more on the volcanic as
it will try for the backup land site in southern california. >> toyota is set to issue a new round of recall, all while paying a big fine for the previous recalls. a transportation department official says toyota will now call its 2010 gx lexus 460 suv after a rare don't-buy rating, citing a high rollover risk. tive today, toyota agreed to pay a $16.4 million fine for failing to properly report the gas pedal problems that led to a massive recall earlier this year. >>> if spirit airlines expected other major airlines to get onboard with its new baggage fees, the cut-rate carrier was wrong. five major airlines have agreed not to follow spirit's lead and begin charging for carry-on bags that are stored inÑi the overhe luggage bins. the airlines are american, delta, united, us airways and jetblue.Ñiñr new york's senator charles schumer applauded the move yesterday. he and several other democratic senators are in favor of a bill that taxes airlines that charge fees for carry-on bags. >>> ahead on news 4 at 4:00, speaking out. >> the moth over a teen brutally beaten over an alleged text message
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. "consumer reports" issued a safety warning on toyota's 2010 lexus gs 460 suv because of an increased roll-over risk during a turn. the magazine says it uncovered the problem during routine tests and is urging car shoppers not to buy the gx 460 until this problem has been remedied. toyota owns lexus. it's the first time the magazine has issued a don't-buy recommendation on a toyota product. toyota says it will try to duplicate the "consumer reports" test to determine if appropriate steps need to be taken and that consumer safety and satisfaction remain their highest priority. so that's the lexus suv. the gx 460. >> more problems for toyota. >> bleeding over into lexus, which is the one place that the damage has been contained had never been smearing on lexus until now. it's terrible. >> andrew, by the way, you wrote an article today in "the times" talking about how the banks have actually paid back their money. correct? >> you know, it's absolutely right. i wanted to take a look at the idea that maybe these bailouts, in their own way, have worked, from a mathematical perspective. we're now
for toyota this morning. the company is recalling 600,000 sien sienna minivans. rust from the road salt can cause the cable to break. toyota says problems with the popular lexus gx-460 were discussed on the "today" show. >> we found when we pushed the gx-460 in one of our emergency handling tests, the rear end slid very far out until the electronics couldn't regain control. if this happened in real life, a rear tire could hit a curb or slide off the pavement and could lead to a rollover. >> toyota is evaluating solutions for the suv. >>> according to realty track, in comparison to last year, home foreclosures were up 35% this year in the first quarter. that means 1 in every 138 american housing units were hit about default notices. joining me now, the money coach and personal finance columnist for wallet talk. good morning. record high foreclosures right now. what's causing this at this point in this economic game? >> i think there are three things that are causing the slew of foreclosures we're seeing. first, it is tied to job loss. when you have's got millions of people out of work, they
reputation. >>> more trouble for toyota this morning. the company is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans because of possible corrosion in the spare tire carrier. it affects models between 1998 and 2010 driven in cold climate regions. they say that rust from road salt could cause the cable to break. meanwhile toyota said it's duplicated handling problems with the 2010 lexus gx-460. "consumer reports" issued a rare don't buy warning because of rollover concerns. toyota said it's evaluating remedies. >>> a wisconsin man may have found a piece of the meteor that cut through the midwestern sky this week. residents from wisconsin to iowa spotted the streaking space rock. the scientists are examining the recovered fragment which is about the size of an unshelled peanut. earlier reports indicate it could be from an asteroid belt between mars and jupiter. >>> some active weather this weekend. a strong storm knocked out power to more than 10,000 people in the ohio valley on friday. thunderstorms and high winds downed trees and power lines and caused damage to several homes. and it's looking more l
%. >>> another recall for toyota. monday it was the 2010 lexus gx460, a luxury suv that consumer reports warned last week was a safety risk. >>> and finally he may have been unable to tell a lie, but apparently that didn't stop founding father george washington from forgetting to return library books. records uncovered recently at new york city's oldest library show the nation's first president technically owes 220 years worth of late fees. that's about $300,000 on two books he never returned. the library says they're going to waive the fine, but they do want the books back. >>> well, the great eight leads the caps. the nuggets clash with the jazz. and time-out for fun in baseball. king james rocks the house. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> in your tuesday weather, a big storm system for the west coast and showers in the southeast. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." and in sports, last night lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers took the next step towards what they see as th
to a myriad of problems. toyota is still trying to recover its imagine over recalls. >>> william borders died this morning. borders led the area's 9 million catholics for 15 years beginning in 1974. during his life, he was chapland earning the bronze star. bishop has died in hospice. he was 96 years old. funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized. >>> he brought down sheila dixon now he's calling it quits. state prosecutor wrote to the governor announcing his retirement. in his career he trieded to pursue corruption wherever the evidence led. but he will best be known for securitying a plea deal with dixon and getting two developers to confess to campaign charges. >>> new fines are being proposed to fine rowdy revelers. at places like felts point and federal hill are targets. kai jackson reports on the proposal. >> reporter: city council president young says to cut down on on rowdy behavior, you have to crack down on night bars. so city council president young wants patrons to bring it down a notch. >> we want you to know how to act when you come to these accomplishments. >> reporter:
coming traffic on alabama avenue and collide with a toyota camry, killing its driver. now he is charged with involuntary manslaughter. witnesses say the van came up from behind going fast when he crossed the center line. it hit the camry so hard the car flew into the air, took out the traffic signals, flipped over several times before landing on the ground. the car was crushed trapping 37- year-old marry elizabeth winbush inside. the van caught fire. witnesses ran to the car pulling three children out. police say fourth child was thrown from the camry, all four had critical head injuries. medics tried to save winbush but she went into cardiac arrest and died. today police charged the van's driver. 34-year-old gene jones with involuntary manslaughter for a crash witnesses described as horrific. >> i looked in my rear view mirror and this van was coming in. it seemed like 170 miles per hour. he pulled on the side of the incoming traffic and he hit the car right there and that was pretty much everything. >> now jones and a passenger were pulled from a van but are expected to be okay. cour
conditions returned to normal. toyota lost $4.1 billion this year. the u.s. car maker says it was profitable in its key north american market, but it also made money in asia, latin america, and europe. ford's sales were up 37% on the quarter. benjamin netanyahu will renew peace talks with the palestinians. in a speech to his supporters, he said he had heard that the palestinian leader intended to resume indirect negotiations. >> not to our next story. shares on the stock exchange have suffered their greatest folly in months. the greek debt crisis is being blamed for the drop. stocks in the u.s. also failed after the greek bonds were downgraded to junk status by a leading credit rating agency. there are doubts that greece will pay off its debt, despite international lines. portugal's debt has also been downgraded. here is our correspondent. >> when we hear the we"junk," this is what -- and hear the word "junk," this is the kind of thing we think of. stuff that can be sold for a bob or two. but there is also jumped in at the blinking world of financial markets. and the bonds of other governmen
. >>> toyota agrees to pay a multimillion-dollar government fine. but still contends it did not break the law. the $16.4 million penalty is for failing to notify u.s. authorities about a dangerous accelerator defect. toyota recalled over 2 million vehicles in january because of the problem. also today, the automaker recalled its 2010 lexus gx460 because of potential rollover problems. >> and the state's un. . ment -- unemployment rate seems locked at nearly 8% hundreds flocked to the fifth regiment armory today. the jobs there may signal an economic turnaround for maryland. >> the job search for brian cozart began last mont. month. he retired military x. searches online every day. wait suggest the hardest part. >> it's definitely time to get back out is there. >> reporter: but he has company and competition. much of it showed up at theam job fair, hosted by elijah cummings. cummings says all of the employees have positions. >> there are a lot of people feeling a sense of hopelessness. and the last thing i wanted to do was to have people come out here, employers, claiming to offer jobs who don
troubles for toyota this morning of the struggling motor company will recall the 2010 lexus gs 460 because of possible rollover problems according to a transportation official. the recall comes after consumer reports rated the suv a rare "don't buy" last week. toyota sold 6,000 of those vehicles since it went on sale in december, all of which will be included in the recall. >>> the crew of the space shuttle "discovery" back on solid ground. the landing was scheduled for yesterday canceled because of rain. more rain and fog delayed this morning's return as well but the skies broke just long enough for "discovery" to return to earth. a picture perfect landing. the astronauts went 6 million miles on the trip to the international space center before the homecoming at kennedy space center. >>> today is april 20th, in some circles 420, a reference to marijuana. coincidentally cnbc out with a new poll on pot. 55% of people polled opposed legalizing pot, 33% favor it. let's get more details from trish regan. different numbers but a gender gap there, right? >> reporter: yes, there is a gender gap.
war against the u.s. >>> toyota is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans because of spare tire cables that could rust. and toyota engineers have confirmed that the 2010 lexus gs-460 can roll over as "consumer reports" found in a don't-buy warning. >>> and finally, a wisconsin man has found what may be a piece of that fiery meteor that lid up the sky. the frag mant hment has a black trust. experts say he'll probably be coming home with a meteor -- >> how long did you work on that? >> a couple hours. >> we have a thing about puns here, jeremy. you're a guest, we'll let that slide. >> meteorites, volcanos. >> i feel like i'm twiddling my thumbs. >>> good morning to you. let's go to lubbock, texas. to the scene -- that's not lubbock, texas, yes, it is. lubbock has seen 10 inches of rain since january 1st. a record. you can see getting around town was not very easy. there was some structural damage in and around lubbock. unfortunately, that system sits over it. in between l >> the cold front is finally moving just to the south of the d.c. get ready. a much cooler day compared to yesterday
auto sales numbers which are due out later today. toyota is saying it is coming around. any predicts on that? >> yeah, in fact, they were on the fox business network yesterday from the new york auto show and talking up about 40% gains. that is what analysts are expecting. they did use record high incentives. toyota usually known for not using incentives to lure customers back into the show rooms after the recalls with the sticky and faulty accelerator pedals. also, ford looking for a big month. better than 50% gain versus a year ago. general motors looking for a pick-up. chrysler still struggling. analysts are looking for a drop of about 7% compared to the march sales of 2009. >> we'll look for those numbers later and we'll chat again tomorrow. >>> arrests are made in one of the most violent crimes on the streets of d.c. in years. sarah similar monday is live in southeast with our big story. >> families are frustrated, angry and sad after four people are shot and killed on a street crner. coming up what authorities say sparked it all wh
. >> other stories new this morning at 14 minutes past the hour. toyota's faulty gas pedals bring on the largest fine ever imposed to the auto industry. the automaker is expected to agree to pay the government more than $16 million for waiting four months before reporting problems. >> you'll love this. five major airlines backing off plans to charge passengers for carry-on bags. spirit airlines recently announced a $45 fee to store bags, yes, in the overhead bins. chuck schumer got involved. he got delta and jetblue to promise they will not follow suit. he is meeting with spirit's ceo tomorrow. >> we actually had him on the show and talking about that whole thing and christina did a little breakdown of what you're getting when you fly these days. >> unbelievable. >> but we're talking about goldman sachs and the sec accusing this huge bank of fraud. >> a fraud charge for goldman sachs, a company that has minted money over the past 15 months, a company that took bailout money over a year ago, now charged with fraud by the sec. this story is just getting started. the drama started to
to earn 36.5% of the bank after the capital raising. >>> ross, toyota says it managed to boost global production in march by a whooping 96.7%, relative 770,000 vehicles. but the steep gain is largely on the back of low comparison figures from march 2009 numbers when the company was adjusting to a plunge in demand in the wake of the global financial crisis. still, things could be looking up for the embattled automaker. the nikkei reporter this weekend said impressive operating profit of as high as half a billion dollars for the financial year. above market consensus. this is attributable to the weaker yen and cost-cutting efforts. toyota shares getting a boost up more than 3%, 3690 japanese yen. >>> and still to come on the program, we'll take a look at what's moving the stock markets in our european stock watch. right after this. >>> look at the view of times square early in the morning in new york. 22 minutes past 4:00. eurozone governments a little bit lower today. investor tensions still very much, the ten-year note yield has dropped at 3.04%. ten years, huge week of auctions this
defect and it affects the acella. we had talked about toyota suspending worldwide sales of its lexus, gx 460. also saying it's starting safety tests for all the suvs. so that stock is down 8%, as well. >>> the banking stocks doing well on the back of good numbers from jpmorgan and that helped south korea's kospi push higher. the banks in south korea also doing well because moody's yesterday updating -- or upping the sovereign ratings and it does show that the financial health seems to be a little better. so good gains for the financials in south korea, as well. and on that note, i'll send it back to nicole in the u.s. >> and saijal, for all of you procrastinators out there, there is less than 20 hours to file your federal income tax forms. up nextwell, we will talk to john hewitt, a pioneer in the tax industry, coming up. ♪ well, look who's here. it's ellen. hey, mayor white. how you doing? great. come on in. would you like to see our new police department? yeah, all right. this way. and here it is. completely networked. so, anything happening, suz? she's all good. oh, my gosh. is that
toyota, the company has told company to stop selling its lexus suv. they're testing the risks identified by the magazine. it says no decision has been made whether to suspend sales and markets outside of the u.s. and canada. checking toyota shares, they were up almost 1% in shares today regaining after a slide caused by the magazine. nicole. >> christine, although paying taxes is about as popular as a visit to the dentist, most people manage to pay them every year. some people are dodging their obligations as taxpayers. check out our website to see what people do to try and fool the u.s. >>> after the break, i'll tell you why this is expected to be one of the most controversial that ubs has ever seen. >>> welcome back to "worldwide exchange." i'm steve sedgwick in europe. the time is 14 minutes past the hour. banking giant ubs faces a turbulent shareholder meeting later this morning in basul. activists shareholders are preparing to reject the bank's bonus packages as well as plans to absorb from wrongdoing. joining us for more on the groaned is complain schober. carolin, the bank seems t
to the militant group. >>> toyota has agreed to pay a record $16.4 million fine to settle claims that it hid a gas pedal defect from federal highway safety regulators, but the company denies it did anything wrong. separately today, toyota said it will recall more than 9,000 of its 2010 lexus gx-460 suvs. for possible rollover problems. >>> take a look at this. what do you think? is this an actual iphone prototype or is it a scam? the tech website that posted these photos is not saying how it got a hold of this device. but over the weekend, another website said someone found this phone on the floor of a bar in san jose. maybe an apple employee left it behind? apple hasn't confirmed that a new version of its iphone even exists. >>> and a new study shows that women find steady-voiced men more attractive than men whose voices vary in pitch. the researchers said they found men who speak in monotone had more sexual partners possibly because their voices exude authority and confidence. so now we know what urkle's problem was. >> thanks, joe. >>> still ahead tonight, keeping them honest on wall street. th
the numbers and toyota, tanking because of their public relations, shep. this survey was taken when toyota was right in the thick of it. >> shepard: yeah. adam shapiro from the biz. thank you. we would like to know what you think about this. will the next car you buy be made in america? give us the honest. go to it's our online poll today. we will show you the results from you and your neighbors around the country a little bit later in this newscast. a u.s. senate panel voted today to crack down on some of the risky investment tools which contributed to our financial crisis. the senate agriculture committee voting to impose tough limits on banks and ability to profit from derivatives. those are the complex products used to hedge against risks. like hikes in interest rates or oil prices. it's a side bet, really. but, in the run-up to the economic crisis, financial firms use them to speculate on the future of the housing and credit markets. and the losses piled up after that mortgage meltdown. new restrictions are expected to include in the larger financial regulatory overh
taken to the hospital, with serious injuries. >> we have news of an important recall. toyota is recalling the 2010 lexus gx 460 as you need to address problems with the stability control system. -- lexus gx 460 suv. they halted sales last week. >> the supreme court is considering a case that could have an impact on how you use your cell phone or blackberry. there were arguments heard yesterday in the case of police officers in ontario, california. they accused the department of snooping after an audit of messages on department-issued devices on coverage racy and sexually explicit text messages. if the supreme court will hear the case later this year. >> coming up, the fight for financial reform, president obama wants wall street to shake up while its biggest supporter preps for a battle with lawmakers. >> more information could be at risk. >> a chilly start. rain could be on the way. it's a few degrees warmer than it was yesterday >> tuesday morning. welcome back to good morning washington. meteorologist adam caskey at the virginia metro station. it's quiet. a lot of people j
cars and trucks has come under question. and at toyota, this is something we don't take lightly. that's why we're making fundamental changes inside our company, to communicate with customers better, and respond to their needs faster. in addition, we're currently spending over a million dollars an hour to enhance the technology and safety of our vehicles. the result? our comprehensive star safety system is now standard on every vehicle we make. ♪ don't get us wrong, we know actions speak louder than commercials. but just know, your safety will continue to be a top priority in any, and all of our decisions. ♪ it was tough news to hear. everything changed. mom. ♪ i didn't know what to do. that's when i asked my doctor about exelon patch. he said it releases medicine continuously for 24 hours. he said it could help with her cognition, which includes things like memory, reasoning, communicating and understanding. [ female announcer ] the most common side effects of exelon patch are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. the likelihood and severity of these side effects may increase as the do
. >> nicole, guess what? another recall from toyota. 13,000 of its lexus vehicles are headed back to the software which reportedly could cause the product to tip over. toyota says the recall will not affect the chinese market. this comes after the battered automaker agreed to pay a fine of $16.4 million to the u.s. deposit. >> meanwhile, eu transport ministers have agreed to partially open usair space. the pressure has been growing, though, to reopen the skies. the airline industry suffering losses of as much as $250 million a day. the asia cloud didn't make it as far as the canada eastern seaboard yesterday. the country sees pretty low risk from the traveling ash and normal operations have since resumed. international flights are taking off from the airport today in europe from the likes of paris and spain. last week, of course, it was a death spiral. now apparently it is a death circle. this is george soros, billionaire investor, selling cnbc that the company faces falling into higher borrowing costs. it will hurt economic activity. david kotok is still with us. david, the germa
at this time -- committee this disaster toyota with lots of different recalls we asked do you need more authority? he said no, i have all the authority i need. are you going to be able to fix this? yes, i am, i will i have enough funding. i had a cabinet officer who was willing to say nhtsa deposited the ball they not been overseeing the auto caps -- -- auto companies properly. he came and said >> greta: he didn't want a whole another agency. >> if you go to the website their mission is to protect the consumer. so for the life of me until we can take a look at our government and certify we don't already have the apparent ability to fix the problem that led to the meltdown why do we create another agency? >> three good examples of why you are right. first bernie madoff. second al stan -- al sanford. third, the question of rating agencies and how they were calling people aaa that weren't. all three the sec dropped the ball on. last one related to financial collapse. >> greta: it is not that they don't have the authority it is they didn't do their jobs. in some ways this geld man saks i th
're not stupid. where the growth coming from? oh, auto manufacturering. yeah. we have toyotas driving down the street and they're driving themselves in into poles. people still say, "i'd rather have that than a g.m." and steel? no. we closed that down. clothing? no, we don't make clothing anymore. apple. apple is going to save us! nope, made elsewhere. check your iphone. designed in california. assembled by slaves in china. i think they leave the slave part out. how about the green jobs in yeah. solar panels. yeah. do you really think we can make solar panels cheaper with our union labor than they can make in s s say india? i didn't think so. be honest. because we -- i did this, too. we all did. we wanted to believe the lie. we believed it. we had a good time. now it's time to sober up. we'll hurt with the changes. my first five years in the recovery from alcohol, i didn't think i was going to make it. it was a lot easier in some ways to go back to drinking. but drinking will kill you. you will be a slave to it or anybody who will hold you up. it takes a long time and a lot of hard work a
take me there... ♪ (song ends, cheering, applause) captioning sponsored by 20th century fox and toyota. moving forward. . >>> act oosh attacked. cal penn held up at gunpoint in the district. you have to hear what the thieves got away with. >>> finally flying. passengers stranded for day in a mad dash to get home. >>> found out how an ipad left a man suffering a horrific injury. >>> we'll begin with an early morning actor cal penn. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >>> i'm shawn yancy. he was attacked at gunpoint. it's what the thieves took that's rattling some nerves tonight. wisdom martin is working the story for us. wisdom? >> reporter: actor kal penn gave up the bright lights of hollywood for the politics of d.c. but monday morning he found himself face to face with armed criminals. he's best known for his role on the big screen in movies and his starring role on fox's hit show "house." now he's been caught up in real life drama. according to police sources, penn was walking on s street northwest around 1:20 in the morning when he was approached by armed suspects. sources say they for
. >> reporter: colliding with a toyota camry head on the camry flew into the air so high it knocked down the traffic signal. then flipped over several times before landing on the ground. then the van caught fire. >> i mean this guy was booking and i mean he hit his car so hard to throw the van up in the air like that, i know he was passing me at every bit of 100, speeding down the street. >> reporter: the woman driving the car was trapped. medics trieded to save her but 37-year-old mary ellen winbush went into cardiac arrest. they tried to remove her but died. a 2-year-old was flown from the car and witnesses pulled three other children out, all had head injuries. >> everybody went running to see what was wrong, cart was full of children. all of the children were terribly injured. >> reporter: the van's driver and a passenger were pulled from the wreck. jones was charged with involuntary manslaughter. turns out court records show he also has at least four outstanding traffic charges including describe fox 5 ayou suspended license and drive ing or attempting to drive under the influence
with analysts and investors today for gm the focus is profits and the timetable for an ipo. for toyota about getting past the recall fiasco. phil lebeau is listening in on the details. what did you hear? >> general motors gave us the fourth quarter financial updates july 10th through the end of last year and a couple of things stand out here. overall, the loss was $4.3 billion, $3.4 billion in the united states. during the conference call cfo chris lidel said it was close that the company was to break even when you strip out one-time charges. that's the first time that we heard them say that they are this close to break even. they have roughly $36 billion in cash and equivalence on hand. he plans to underpromise and overdeliver as gm moves towards getting back in the black. >> we are committed to repaying the balance off by june of this year. significantly adhered of the or original repayment schedule. after we repay the loans, our shareholders to complete a successful public offering as soon as it makes sense. i know there is a huge interest in when that might actually be and the best i can
. march was a strong month for u.s. auto sales-- thanks to heavy incentives for buyers. nissan and toyota today announced gains of more than 40%. ford sales were up nearly that much. general motors and honda rose more than 20% each. chrysler was down 8%. wall street closed out the week on a high. the rally followed reports first-time jobless claims fell this week and factory output rose in march at the fastest rate in five years. as a result, the dow jones industrial average gained more than 70 points to close at 10,927. the nasdaq rose four points to close at 2,402. the markets will be closed tomorrow, for good friday. overall pay for corporate executives fell slightly last year. that finding came today in a survey done for "the wall street journal". it said executive compensation has been down two straight years-- the first time that's happened in 20 years. at the same time, "the washington post" reported companies are ignoring federal guidelines and paying more executives in cash. the guidelines are designed to shift the focus of pay to longer-term corporate gains. the confessed killer
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